I really like you

***Update: Winners of the bouquets are Charity and Kris! Congrats ladies!! Look for an email from me soon.



There’s a Tornado Watch in Holland, Mi this morning. School’s are canceled … dishes are falling off my counter from the open window and I made a pot of coffee.

Tornado Watch

I’m a bit of a romantic (SOOO Surprising, I know) so this weather lends to some really nice fantasy living. Candle light, coffee or tea, jammies all day, movies and cartoons, watching the world around me argue over wind possession and I can sit and watch the show for free.

Better than theatre in my opinion.

This morning as I was getting ready I was having a self talk that revealed, once again, that I just need to take things one at a time. Days, decisions, meals, requests. I’m always so overwhelmed with peace when I give myself permission to think only an hour ahead of myself.

Right Now … this is important. I’ll worry about the rest later.

Which brings me to this: I really like you guys. I’ve done countless giveaways in the past – and even self sponsored quite a few about a year (or two?) ago around the Holidays. Here’s what I’ve decided: I love to give. But giveaways are so empty at the end – all the hype and comments and even conversation and then a random generator picks a number and it’s done.

I want to do more than that – I love to interact with you guys. It feels so empty to give away some one else’s product no matter how much I believe in it. I don’t feel like I’m making a lasting impact on you. Whether or not that matters to anyone, I just don’t know. But I spend enough time here, talking and writing and wanting to get to know you that when it comes to gifting you with something … I kind of want it to mean something … for me.

Driving around the other day (one of my happy places, alone in the car) I was praying and talking and generally just organizing my thoughts, waiting for clarity and accepting silence as an answer … I had this feeling that maybe my job is to stuff women with purpose, with love. To believe in them when no one else does so that some day they might look in the mirror and believe it too.

I want to be a small voice in a big sea that has the impact to single handedly over turn the affects of advertising and judgement on women’s lives. In our daughters lives. In my own mother’s life.

Tall order, no?

Friends, I want to love you with courage and passion and I want to express my deep gratitude for you in my life. As small as it may be. Just a click here, a glance there. You affect me on a daily basis.

So this week I’m going to be sending some of you flowers …


They won’t last forever of course, they aren’t a kitchen aid and you can’t make a stew with them … but hopefully they’ll be a bright spot in your day and week. A reminder that even the most anonymous voice can be heard. That you are worthy.

You so totally are.

***I’m sending these flowers to you because I care and because I can. I’ve saved up some money in order to be able to pay it forward to my website … to you guys, who make this possible for me every day, who make it worth it.

To Enter:

Comment here and tell me the last time you received flowers – what were they for?

Giveaway open to any one, any where. The Random Generator will assist me in choosing the lucky winners. Comments will close at 10pm on Thursday October 28, 2010.

Other ways to stay in the know: Follow on Twitter or Friend on Facebook.

This might change, but right now I plan to send 2 of you a bouquet. I’m not leading this one, friends. I’m being led. Can I just say that as freaking scary and out of control that it feels … that I also have never felt so secure either?

This weather, I tell ya … there’s just something to it.

Love yourself.

13 thoughts on “I really like you

  1. You’re so great Jodi, thanks for loving us well. I really had to stop and think about this one. I have often purchased a few flowers here and there for the center of my table, at the farmer’s market or just picked some from my yard. The last time I received them was probably two Valentine’s ago…a big bountiful vibrant bouquet of yellow & pink & white roses that made me feel so loved.

    PS. glad to see you on Sunday and celebrate what God is doing in the lives of women in that community

  2. I heart you, Jodi. I love what you’re thinking and what you’re doing. That there’s an actual connection between the two. That giving flowers brightens your day as much as it will the 2(ish) ladies who receive them.

    You don’t have to enter me in the giveaway (because there’s this boy that gave me flowers a couple months ago for no good reason and just you reminding me of that made my day).

  3. My sister-in-law recommended you to read, and now I know why. It’s good to know it’s okay to be a small voice in a big sea. Sometimes a nasty, big sea.

    The last time I received flowers was this summer for my birthday, from my mom. They were lovely, and flowers always cheer me up.

  4. Isn’t it fun how flowers can just brighten someone’s day! I’m not sure the last time I received flowers. Tim gives me flowers every once in a while for random reasons. I used to get fresh flowers from the Farmer’s Market during the summer because I loved having them around the house but have gotten away from doing that, sadly!

  5. flowers always makes me feel loved! the last time I got them was 2 years ago on a very special day; sent from holland, mi all the way to my hospital room in rochester MN. now that makes a girl feel special šŸ™‚

  6. So fun – and yet I totally get it! I’m not one who loves to have my husband bring home flowers, I’d much rather have him bring me a diet coke or a sandwich for lunch. You know practical stuff. Given that, I think the last time flowers were sent to me was 8 years ago when my youngest was born.

  7. Jodi- you have the biggest heart and i love it! You encourage me to want to be a better person. and as far as flowers go- i love to get flowers and until my little Jak came around i never really got flowers. Now Jakson is a little lover and he picks me flowers frequently while at his nanas and has them in a jar waiting for me when i pick him up. They don’t have to special because the proud smile on his face when he yells SURPISE and hands them to me makes my heart melt! Infact, i got a single orange one from him yesterday:)

  8. Jodi–this is so nice! I LOVE being snuggled up on a stormy day–enjoy it!
    I actually just received flowers from a friend at church..no reason except I had been feeling overwhelmed/busy/stressed…very sweet. šŸ™‚

  9. I received my last real flowers after Hudson was born. šŸ™‚ Our house looked like a floral shop for a couple of weeks. Now it doesn’t.

  10. My husband picked one of the last roses off our bush outside yesterday and gave it to my daughter….Julia Rose…who then gave it to me. šŸ™‚ Does that count? Cuz if not…I honestly have no idea. I’m sure they were from my husband, but it’s been a while!!! Flowers just because are always so much more special to me than flowers on a holiday that they’re expected like Valentine’s day. This is the time of year some flowers could really cheer a person up!!! You are sweet. šŸ™‚

  11. The last time I got flowers was 2 weeks ago today. I had just completed a real estate deal that punched me in the stomach and so I promptly went out and bought myself an awesome fall bouquet. In fact, a few of the blooms are still looking okay and on my kitchen counter. I love fresh flowers – they make me feel really special.
    Jodi – YOU are a bouquet of fresh flowers in my life!

  12. Hey lady! You are oh-so-generous! Who doesn’t love fresh flowers on their kitchen counter or dining room table?! The last time I got flowers was the weekend we moved into our new house…I think šŸ™‚

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