Because I was wielding the camera it does look an awful lot like my dad built those shelves. That’s entirely ok. I know the truth.


He did help an awful lot – or maybe I was the helper? Either way those shelves got themselves built. I predrilled the countersink screw holes on all the frames and mostly put the frames together after cutting almost all the wood to size after my dad made a shim and made it very easy for me to do so.

Then there was the nail gun and I kind of think that’s just one of those tools that boys love to use. I did use it – but my dad has this trait in which he watches what ever you do and it makes you nervous. Am I doing it wrong?

No, no. I’m just watching.

Oh. Well stop it, you’re making me nervous. ……. Oh, ok – you do it.

I was, however, much better help than these two.

{Life List} Learn Carpentry (and now using it)

{Life List} Learn Carpentry (and now using it)

Bonus points for me.

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