motor skills

It’s recently come to my attention that my son is growing much too fast.

Last week I put him down for a nap without his overalls on and when he woke up I went to dress him again only … he had gotten bigger. Like, a lot bigger.

It wasn’t his diaper – he had a fresh one on – I had to adjust his overall straps to make the pants fit again – 3 hours earlier he was a littler guy. Now? Inches taller.

Fine. FINE! Grow up. See if I care.

With all this new height – his brain has been going crazy too. Not only does he do EVERYTHING his older (by 3 1/2 years) sister does, he wants to do it by himself.

Use a scissors? Jump off the stairs to a landing 5 feet down? Ride her big girl bike without training wheels? Climb on top the furniture? Play with light bulbs?

Yes, yes and yes.

It’s not that he’s slow by any means. He’s just little. As in, the 3 1/2 year age difference. Most of what his sister does is not OK for him to do … yet.

This is a concept we fight every single day.

Then all of a sudden we were doing crafts – I looked away and like a secret ninja in the night he grabs a scissors and goes for it.

Fine motor skills

I paid attention in the most appropriate way. Through the view finder of my camera.

Fine motor skills

Fine motor skills

That grip! The concentration!

Fine motor skills

Fine motor skills

I just love this stage. Actually, all the stages. They bring new and exciting ideas, concepts and conversations each time.

So I guess it’s ok that you’re only 2 1/2 and wearing 4T clothes. I will forgive this one act of rebellion. You go with nature – but I am always the Mother.


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