This is my closet:


What you see is what you get. I don’t have more clothes anywhere else. I have my unmentionables and some pj pants/workout clothes in a drawer. Singular.

I might be a minimalist?

Who still owns clothes from the summer before the 9th grade.



They still fit. Not like they used to, of course. I’ve grown up and out and back in and out again and over and under and all kinds of ways. 12 years will do that to a body. Kinda like childbirth.

Any way. I, uh, need some help in this department. My favorite part of my closet (this time of year) is full of the same thing. Literally.


Hoodie sweatshirt anyone? I’m a fan of clothes that hide and cover. Always have been. Probably not going to break that habit but I could take it up a notch. Right? I could be a little more fashionable.

I have this sweatshirt from a vacation with my parents and one of my cousins – some of the best memories EVER. I just don’t want to get rid of it.


Plus, I’m wearing it here – pregnant with my oldest. I love this photo. I love that sweatshirt.

October 7, 2004

(Still have those pants, too, Ay-ay-ay!)

But I own only one pair of jeans for everyday wear that fits me. I have a back up from a few years ago and it addresses everything that was wrong with style at that time. Mom Jeans? I’m way too young for them.


I bought that belt with my own money from Express when I was in the 6th grade. People … I need an upgrade.

I have a really really really hard time getting rid of functional items. Besides, if I keep them long enough they’ll be in style again right?

I own about 4 shirts that fit me and the rest I just make do with. After losing all that weight last year I just haven’t prioritized my closet as something to be on top of. Plus, we moved and there was the conference and … well … I guess it’s time.

In a few weeks I’m headed to Pittsburgh with my step-sister to see a friend (YAY!!!!) and we’ll be shopping. I have been saving my pennies accordingly so I can actually buy some clothes with their influence and I’m pretty excited.

Only … I have no idea what to buy. HELP.

I know I need weather appropriate clothes – sweaters, even a coat. My coats don’t fit. I could use another pair of jeans, some schmazzy and sassy every day boots or shoes. The basics?? What are the basics these days? A couple tanks for layering? Some T’s?

I do not own one single button down shirt. Is that a must?

Please, advise away … I’m waiting šŸ™‚

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  1. I’m going to preface this with the following: I have a shopping problem. I find crazy ways to convince myself I need things, that logically, I don’t. So…with that said, here’s a few staples (I think):

    – 2 pair of jeans (one long enough for heels and one short enough for flats)
    – Jackets- Target has great ones right now- not a coat but something you can wear with jeans. Maybe one black or grey and one tan/cream/brown.
    – Sweaters- one long to wear with a big belt and one shorter and able to be left open- I also love long open sweaters with belts
    – Basic t shirts- no emblems. Target. You can dress ’em up or down

    Also, I don’t get into leggings but I’m currently reconsidering that. I think leggings look good with tall boots and a long button down shirt with a belt or tie at the waist (only if the shirt covers my rear end).

    Definitely a big fan of comfy clothes- so I consider my Northface zip-up a staple, along with my ridiculously large sweatpants.

    Too much info? :o)

  2. I love this community approach to fashion and could definitely use more of it in my life too! That being said, I think a pair of carmel color flat boots, wide enough to go over jeans, be work with long dresses, leggings, are a must, a fashion staple. Also scarves are an easy way to dress up even just a long sleeve tee. Maybe a pair or two of brushed metal earrings for some flair. Can’t wait to hear about the adventures!

  3. Hold it cowgirls!

    We have to ask, Jodi, what do your calves look like?

    Try on the leggings. In front of honest friends & family. Then try them on with ballet flats & boots.

    There are boots that lay better under (boot cut) jeans & jeans that fit under boots.

    Avoid boots that give you cankles. You didn’t loose all that weight to give yourself chunky legs with thick calves from boots.

    Layers. You have coloring that will let you wear most colors & grey tones & brown neutrals.

    You also look younger than your age. Yea!

    Target is good, I like color so I go Old Navy & Gap and Kohl’s sale racks occasionally, since those are the easiest options in Holland.

    Laura is right. No logos.

    Long sleeve tees.

    Button ups can go over tees and under sweaters.

    Cardigans. In colors that will accent the jewelry you picked up from ListLadyKatie.

    Don’t be afraid of skirts with kids. Tea length? You learn to tuck behind your knees when you crouch.

    You can do it.

  4. I have two bits of advice for when you go on the big shop:

    1. Have a list of what you want to find that day. It can be short so you don’t get overwhelmed. The worst is when you go shopping all day and you realize you bought a tank top at every store and nothing else. Bummer.

    2. Try stuff on. It’s exhausting. It can be a pain. But what it looks like on the hanger is not what it will look like on you. And, sometimes its more comfy than you think. Bonus!

    Good Luck and HAVE FUN!

  5. Woohoo! I can’t wait, Jodi!! I think these girls have lots of good staple advice!

    -A good pair of camel colored, flat boots – DEFINITELY! I just got some great leggings at Aerie that have a thicker waistband, which is super nice, and they’re a little thicker material, which will be nice for these colder months. They look great with tall boots + tunics and makes for an ultra comfy outfit!

    – How about some flowy tops? They fit modestly (which it seems like you prefer), which makes them comfy, but they’re also cute, which will make you a cuter-than-you-already-are mom!

    – I think two (maybe three) pairs of awesome fitting jeans are a good idea too – two for flats (since I know that’s what you wear most) and one pair of dressy jeans to wear with some heels for date night!

    – Scarves – yes! Headbands – yes!

    – Plain, long sleeve shirts (Kohl’s has a long sleeve shirt that I love and keep going back for more of).

    – Tanks for layering (H&M has some that I love, but I have even found some great ones at Forever 21).

    – Knee High Socks – for under boots/leggings. I just got a bunch of super cute pairs from Target for $2/ea.

    Overwhelmed yet?! Not to worry – you’ll be in good hands…I think ; ) Can’t wait!

  6. And btw…that picture of the jeans with the belt. Those look like super cute jeans and those are some skinnie minnie legs!

  7. Thank you for all your help! I’m so excited to go shopping!! (I’m a bargain hunter, Meghan … haha, maybe some second places too??)

    Lets address that photo of my lower half. It’s a little bit deceiving – but when I’m the only one wielding the camera I only have so many options for getting a photo of my jeans. Just so happens that angle is flattering. I assure you my legs are nothing like that at eye level or in 3D. I’m more of a pear shape with curvy hips and thighs. And my calves? Look normal? I had Aaron take a photo of them – I’ll get that up asap so you can continue to discuss my need of leggings or not.

    Thank you thank you thank you though for giving me some advice!! I had my colors done a few years ago and I’m excited to actually pull something together finally šŸ™‚

  8. Thrift Stores…hmm. I’m not really sure where those are, but maybe we can hit up TJ Maxx, Marshall, etc? Are those up your alley?

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