Things We Love To Do

Wall Flowers I love this. I would use it to write each and every one of my Life List items on them and then have a tree of dreams on a wall that “fall” into a jar when one comes true.

Ahoy Matey! Use a spool (dumpster diving anyone??) or some scrap wood you have laying around to make these little side table. I would highly recommend hunting down a development that’s currently got some buildings or houses going up – they throw the BEST stuff away. Ask nicely if they wouldn’t mind if you took a look through the dumpster on your own time and stayed out of their way to do it … they might even ask if you have friends. Saves them time and money for hauling a bunch of stuff away – especially if you take it with you right away.

Vampires Suck browse through this website for more entertaining posters. This one was geared towards Halloween obviously – but if you’re a Twilight fan … I’m pretty sure you appreciate this no matter the time of year.

ABC print I think I finally have to make work of having an alphabet wall. With all the beautiful and free posters/prints out there – your wall can look amazing and very custom for the cost of a few frames … or you could make those too.

Smitten for the foxy kitten I love this little fox. So throw-back to Little Red Riding Hood, hot chocolate and an afternoon spent pretending to live inside of my sleeping bag. Good days!

Dish Stamp. Enough said. Beautiful. Card making this Christmas? Monogram the crap out of that stock paper. You’re welcome.

Granted, this is a spider meant for Halloween but the idea is adorable. We tried making these the other day but I didn’t follow any kind of directions so they came out a little wonky. As in … My spider bodies were more like a lopsided snow cone. Ehum. But maybe you could switch it up and make an octopus? Or Ladybug?

Super cool back splash in a kitchen – changeable! and also, scroll down to see fabuloso repurposed old light fixtures.

Store this idea away for next year, or for the Christmas pageant an angel in just minutes. And you thought they only looked that sweet and innocent in their sleep.

T Shirts! I even like the mummy. But I might like monkeys and whales and mustaches too. Ideas, folks.

Hand warmers out of socks now that pile of socks in your laundry room with no mate? They have a purpose. You were saving them for a reason, remember?

I like old stuff but some times I can’t find what I want for my price or it just doesn’t exist in my area. So we improvise. Old signs are kind of a crutch of mine. One I have yet to actually purchase, but I swoon over every. single. one.

Butterflies! Use them for wall art, cut outs for crafts or to learn to draw. They’re pretty no matter what you do with them.

I have been looking for plans for something like this for a very long time and now I have them. I will be building this. YAY!

Leggings with adorable buttons. Details? You obviously care.

I love this tutorial on making floral head-stuffs for little ladies although playing with fire? Is something we only do after leaving the oven on for 3 hours while people sleep in the house. Then we drink HFCS and eat boxed man n cheese for dinner. I kid! I kid. We drink KOOL-AID.

Making crowns and pretending to be a princess? We do that every day.

Place cards! Table runner decorations! Ornaments! Coffee Table cuteness! the list goes on. These are awesome.

Oh the tree we’ve discussed this already.

Milk Carton Printable ok. My mind goes kind of crazy with ideas for this. What can you put in a milk carton? It can be gift bag, a party favor, it can full of dried mixes for baking, it can be used in “pretend” grocery stores, it can be full of treats for chores, treats for potty training, treats for pets. You can “bowl” with them in your living room. On and on and on and on. What would you do with it?

Linen napkins I would make them and then come up with reasons why we shouldn’t use them. Like … they’re pretty. That’s a good one.

UGLY SWEATER! hahahaha.

Dress up dolls, winter Paper dolls are very fun. We print and make them, play with them and dress them often.

Cardboard guitar? YES. Just yesterday we were getting schooled on how our daughter wants to be a “rocking star” when she grows up. What does that include? A guitar, mom. Duh.

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