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There’s a little poll going on – I’m wondering what “Real Life Interaction” means to you from my previous survey. No need to have filled out the other one to participate in this one.

It’s anonymous as always. I’m not interested in your personal information and it’s always protected. I do not sell this information, never will. I merely am looking for the honest feed back – what do you guys want?

And … I see that, already, the coffee is what people are after: This begs the question – if we’re friends in real life and you want to have coffee with me, please email me. I apologize for not making myself more available to you in that manner, friends. If we’ve never had coffee before and you want to – also … please email me. I’m up for it! I’d love to! I’m not sure how to have a huge coffee date with folks I don’t know yet … so lets get creative here.

My idea for the Holiday Shopping and Live DIY help is something like this:

Gathering at one of my favorite local Antique shops for an evening and shopping with you – you can come with an idea you’re working on or a room you need to decorate and I’ll be there to walk around with you and figure it out. (My mom will be, too. TWO FOR ONE!) I might have a station set up for you to actually finish whatever you’re trying to do – hot glue guns, nail and hammer … I’m working out the details.

Essentially – I just love to hang out and help and DIYing and Antiques are kind of my drugs. I want to be your Dealer. In the best, non-druggy way, possible.

Are you a local shop owner and you want to host this? YES! Email me and we’ll work out the details/times etc.

I do have my favorite place in mind, but I need to work on those logistics yet – and if this sounds fun … it’s something we could do more often.

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