Turns out when you start to think to yourself “Hmmm, I really need a new can opener” you should probably listen.

Jodi got stitches

Jodi got stitches

Jodi got stitches

This coming off the weekend I spent in bed with the flu. After the weeks of pink eye, yeast overgrowths and stress. Right on the heel of saying yes to a redesign and working harder on this here website.

Turns out your body talks to you. LOUDLY.

Things you can’t do without your dominate thumb:

# Type. (Thats a doozy but I’m figuring it out)
# Wash dishes
# Button pants
# Put socks on
# Change a diaper
# Turn on your car
# Put a spoon or fork to your mouth
# Tie shoes
# Almost anything required to parent or feed people, dress them or bathe them

I’ve never had stitches before, used to think I was pretty darn cool because of it. Look how SAFE I am! Nope, no stitches here!

Fine. FINE!

How is it not Friday yet? I just crammed a weeks worth of events into one day.

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  1. Sorry for your mishap – hope Aaron is providing a lending hand. Now you can compare scars with Candace – but you’ve got a long way to catch up with her (but some are due to NOT getting stitches).

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