2 thoughts on “{Video} Menu Planning!

  1. Hi Jodi! I’m a new(er) reader. I met your hubby at a Momentum/factory open house a couple months ago. Anyway! This is a cool v-log on menu planning! It’s always interesting to see how other people do this. I used to be really disciplined about doing it but have slacked off lately due to busy schedules and not really having a constant routine. But I just compiled a Menu Rotation for Winter of our favorite recipes. I put it on the fridge and before I hit the grocery store, I pick three or 4 entrees to prepare for the week (out of about 20) and grab those items at the grocery store. This seems to work well for us. Especially since we’re vegetarian and so we usually go to the grocery store a bit more frequently (than I would like) so we can have fresh produce. That’s how we roll over here:)

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