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We’re pretty excited about the weather in West Michigan lately. 60’s!! No sticky snow yet (although I’m excited for the first morning blanket).

As the weather is turning it’s getting harder to frequent outdoor parks every day for the play time my kids crave. So … here’s a couple resources I check regularly for activities (some cost money, some are free).

Playhouse Performers Deanna’s playhouse is like Holland’s version of the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum … our kids love it and we try to go often, but the price tag generally keeps us away. We can stay for however long we want but no matter how long we stay it’s $5 per person … so $15 bucks just for a couple hours of fun. Not always worth it on a budget.

GR Kids has a WONDERFUL calendar of things going on- and it includes local Holland Activities.

Barnes and Noble story times abound!

Moms in Tow has an activities page that lists all kinds of fun stuff going on – and as a member, I can add activities as well.

MVP Athletic Club is an amazing gym, but we’re not members … awesome thing is that they still offer kids programs to non members for a slightly higher fee. It’s worth it. We love the Friday Fitness Funshops for our daughter … and she LOVES them. 3 1/2 hours to grab some groceries, make dinner or clean the house while the 2 yo naps is golden … and worth every penny because she’s not sitting somewhere, she’s actually moving and playing and swimming.

The Big Binder has a resource page for Grand Rapids Parents with up to date and very budget friendly ideas for the whole family. We love to explore GR and can do so with ease when we follow local parents’ footsteps with tired and true activities.

Van Andel Arena has some family friendly things going on periodically. This month it’s “Sesame Street Live: Elmo’s Healthy Hero’s” and I think we’ll be taking the kids this weekend. So fun! All tickets are only $12 on opening day. Bonus.

Holland.org has an events page with super local events happening – right down to coffee house open mic nights. Love that.

Holland 7 does free fall matinees that we haven’t taken advantage of yet … but hopefully soon. Free!

What am I missing? Where do you guys go for up-to-date information on the happenings of your town? Kid-friendly or not.

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  1. I recently discovered Holland Area Newcomers. It is a group for people new to the area, but everyone is welcome no matter how long you’ve lived here. I am not new to Holland, but I am new to being a mom and with an active 16 month old I need to get out of the house as often as I can or I will go crazy! A lot of my friends work full time, or their kids are in school now, so this is a great way for me to meet new people that are home all day with kids too. It is $20 for your whole family to join for the whole year! You are welcome to check out a few activities first for free to see if it’s something you like or not. I am mainly interested in the mom’s and tot’s activities, but they have book groups, ladies night out, etc. too. You can join smaller play groups that rotate to people’s homes, or the main mom’s and tot’s group does about 3 activities a month as well. Their website is http://www.hollandnewcomers.com/Welcome.html and the Mom’s and Tot’s group has a facebook page that lists all the upcoming events as well, a great way to follow what’s coming up each month.

    We also take full advantage of the library classes at both the main and north branches on Tuesday and Friday. Just check out the library’s calendar of events on their website.

    Christ Memorial church has an indoor playland that is FREE to the public and is a great resource for parents in the colder months!

    I also enjoy walking at the Westshore Mall with other mom’s when it gets cold. They also have a small play area inside there as well for smaller kids.

    The splash zone and the indoor therapy pool are great fun at the aquatic center in the winter on occasion too.

    I think my daughter is still a bit small for Crazy Bounce, but I think when she gets older that will be fun too. Not an all the time sort of thing, but still.

    I am all about getting out of the house….thanks for the ideas. I hope I added a few helpful ones too! šŸ™‚

  2. Kelly – THANK YOU! Great resources I forgot about šŸ™‚ We LOVE LOVE LOVE Crazy Bounce šŸ™‚

    The Aquatic Center is free to Residents this Friday and Sunday!!

    The Christ Memorial play area is amazing – we’re getting in the habit of going there regularly.

    and I’m going to check out the Holland Newcomers – awesome!!

  3. These are all so helpful! Thank you for Posting! We are new to GR and so any and all ideas are appreciated…especially since I haven’t lived in a place with true “winter” in about 10 years, oh and I have a 15 month old!

  4. Thank you, Jodi! There is always so much going on in Holland, I sometimes think of making a “Little Binder” – but I don’t have the time. I need to spend more time there, it’s a great city with so much for kids!

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