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I’ve never been a Once a Month Cooker (OAMC) but am fascinated by the idea. There used to be a place locally that you could pay to do this – you go in, make a bunch of food, and walk out with your meals freezer ready. Amazing.

Now I’m getting ready to leave for a long weekend and it’s like I’ve found my calling. Preparing meals in advance. SO EASY.

Today I’ve already made:

PW’s Olive Cheese Bread.
Banana bread a double batch.
Spaghetti sauce for Stuffed Shells.
Roasted a chicken **more on that below
Making chicken broth from the bones of chicken now.

This weekend Aaron and the kids will be able to eat without thinking too hard and we’ll save money!

Chickens.  Ba-cock.

Bawk Bawk!

**I roasted a whole chicken I picked up from the grocery store this morning – .99 a pound! I stuffed some lemon wedges, apple wedges, salt, pepper and bay leaves into the cavity of the chicken then rubbed her down with EVOO and salt. Put it in the oven at 400 for about an hour … maybe a little longer, until there was no pink when poked.

Then I stripped the chicken of the meat and put all the bones, left overs and skin in a stock pot – added some peppercorns, bay leaves and more salt and onions and filled the pot with water. Boil – then simmer for a couple hours and you just made yourself some homemade chicken stock.

Drain juices into a bowl and throw away the bones and whatever else is left. You can freeze the stock or stick in the fridge to use sooner.

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