{Life List} Becoming debt free

Stick with me here, I’m going to go in about 100 different directions to get this post to make any kind of sense. Don’t you love it when I do that?

Here’s some reference points for you, if you’re new to this conversation, on how I got to where I am today.
Life List
What I’ve said, so far, about becoming debt free – a list of posts I’ve written here to outline our journey, give some tips and hopefully inspire some of you as well.
Most recently, dropped this bomb on a key ingredient to how we’ll be debt free by Christmas.

That feels weird to say out-loud. It involves some continued hard work and probably the sale of our mini van, but we’re 110% committed to this.

We sold our house this past summer and sold it for less than we paid when we bought the home in 2004. We carried over debt from the sale of the home, and dot-to-dot game led us to building a new home, which we are currently in the process of selling (before it’s even finished – this is that aforementioned bomb we dropped) – the sale of the new build isn’t official until mid December some time so we’re sitting tight until them to make any huge proclamations and claim SOLD. We’re being as careful as we can at this point. Nothing is for sure until there are signatures. And the ink is very, very dry. But we’re 98% there.

Since we’ve been saving for a down payment on this new build and our monthly obligation to housing (we’re renting) is less than $500 right now – we’ve been able to knock this one out of the park. The debt that we carried over from the sale of the first house, earlier this year, will vanish mid December. As in ZERO. As in, WOW. As in, Thank you God. As in, We’re more than half way there.

The only other debt we carry is a car payment (hence the probable sale of the van) and taking everything into consideration (and hoping for a sale) we’ll be completely 100% debt free by Christmas. Which means we need to get serious about the van situation.

Now. Here’s what happened today.

I’m clicking around my Google Reader to read through blogs I love and I came across this guest post on The Lettered Cottage.

Insert frantic clicking, sharing and spreading of this link.

You guys … I want that story. I want to be able to feel that freedom. I am in the midst of writing this very story for our lives and I cannot wait to share the day with you when this is a reality and not something I’m reading from someone else’s home.

Food is a huge problem in this house – I try and try and just cannot figure out how to spend less. I menu plan, I coupon clip, I watch the sales, I stock my pantry but I’m missing something. I don’t know what it is yet. I will learn. I’m getting there.

So I plan to buy the ebook (or maybe get it as a Christmas gift?? hint! hint!).

I am on fire.

Other helpful links I came upon:
Rara Bakes and read through the archives of Grocery Shrink to find uber helpful tips and links, recipes and free printables as well.

Other favorites:
Simple Organized Living
Food on the Table Blog

My brain hurts a little bit. Time for a nap.

What do you got, though? Any tips you follow religiously, websites you always walk away from feeling like you gained more the time lost to read it?

8 thoughts on “{Life List} Becoming debt free

  1. Jodi — Thank-you SO much for sharing your story…I love how you write! Beautiful.

    Wow; what crazy, exciting, scary, news. I’m happy for you and your family; this sounds like an amazing adventure.

    Keep us all updated…I can’t wait to read how everything turns out and where you decide to go.

    I won’t lie, these thoughts have all crossed my mind too…but in only 4 weeks we’ll have our new farmhouse and I don’t think we’ll be selling it any time soon.

    Best wishes!!

  2. Awesome post Jodi! I love it! I’m so happy for you guys. We are in the same process right now, trying to slash the debt on our house. I recently went on a cash budget for groceries each month and that made a huge difference. Plus incentives. If I spend under a certain amount, I get to keep the rest for “fun” money – that motivates me šŸ™‚

  3. I have to say I was really surprised when I heard you guys were building a house. And the world righted itself when I heard you were selling that one..;)

    We were down to just our mortgage before our big year on the road adventure started, and we did take on some additional debt to do what we’re doing. But time was slipping away, if we waited to be able to purchase everything outright I think the kids would have been that much older, and that much more involved to the point where breaking away would be tough.

    But – I look at the cost of a year of college and figure we’ll be paying about that and getting a better education for it.

    And if after a year we want to do this full-time we’ll ditch our house as well and get our finances re-jiggered at that point.

    But – good luck on your new direction and new adventure. We’ve experienced a bit of kicking off the shackles here, and I hope you guys get to experience that as well. It’s quite freeing and exhilarating and scary all at the same time..;)

  4. Thank you All!

    @Andrea – I’ll keep this story up to date as we go along šŸ™‚ Thanks for commenting and for the encouragement. (I am addicted to your website!)

    @Megan – I love that motivational idea. Maybe that would help with my grocery spending. Incentive to keep what’s left over (which really means, we’ll throw it towards the debt or in savings … which is a huge motivator for me)

    @Boyink – you’re not alone in wondering what the heck we’ve been doing – and now that we’re not doing it any more (building) we have just as many people confused. It’s a hard train of thought to follow when folks are used to thinking one way, introducing them to something new is never easy. We’re not very traditional, if that wasn’t already obvious. Love your adventure as well and am extremely excited to hear the possibility of making this your lifestyle – so very interesting!

  5. Hey Jodi!

    I’m so glad you were inspired by today’s post! I can’t wait to start living more frugally and get out of debt too!

    Best of luck to you in all you do, my friend!
    Layla šŸ™‚

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