Discount Codes!


Mom’s In Tow is offering my readers (That’s you!) an exclusive discount for a yearly membership.

Use jodimichelle as your discount code at check out (be sure to “check this code” for it to accept) and only pay $20 instead of the normal $37 for a year.

You win!

**This discount code does not contain any kickbacks for me, no affiliates or monetization for whatsoever. Just a deal for you, as my readers, to take part in and save some extra cash. Let’s all give one big virtual hug to Moms in Tow.**

8 thoughts on “Discount Codes!

  1. Hummana. Well you’ll make your $30 back if you haven’t already with the savings the discounts of being a member offers you. I hope thats some consolation šŸ™‚ and thanks for spreading the word! (How about I make up the difference personally and get you a $10 GC to JP’s coffee? My treat for being so awesome and understanding?)

  2. You don’t have to do that! That is so sweet of you though. I just love a good deal that’s all…the dutch in me. šŸ™‚ I think I have black friday fever. I have enjoyed being a member and will definitely spread the word.

  3. Sounds great…I am not feeling so hot right now, but I’ll e-mail you when I am on the up and up! Which I hope is soon….ugh.

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