Things We Love To Do

Sew this bag someone has to atleast try this. I think I’m a little obsessed with bags right now because I’m looking for a new one. But I never get passed looking. Because I have the unexplainable “functional” gene where if something works just fine, I tend to forget I have a need for anything else. In conclusion, please sew this bag for no reason whatsoever.

Turn a pallet into a coffee table just lovely. I have two pallets right now, if you want one – let me know. They’re free to a good home.

Fabric catch-all bags. I recently went away for a long weekend to Pittsburgh with my (step)sister to visit friends. An Ikea happened to be near by so we ran in because I knew exactly what I wanted. Of course that Ikea was sold out of these exact bags. Boo to the hoo. Then this past weekend we went to Ann Arbor before heading Up North to visit with family and we were, once again, close to an IKEA. But we didn’t go. And now I’m glad I found these so I can find my sewing machine and get to work.

Beautiful headboard DIY the simplest of simple pleasures. Why, yes. I think I will take a nap.

Zippered Pounces these just kind of tickle me. How cute.

Scarves!! Flirty, fluttery fabric around my neck? I’ll take 2.

A bit more labor intensive, frame wall but I love this so much. What a great idea for framing small projects that you don’t want to commit to having on your wall for ever. Or for framing your child’s, niece’s/nephew’s or dog print/cat paw art. Also? Great for apartment walls that you don’t want to have to patch later.

Printable templates for the kids’ table at Thanksgiving. A box of crayons and something to work on will buy you an amazing amount of quiet.

Handmade treats! Martha just knows how to go about doing this kind of thing doesn’t she? Which is why I simultaneously love her and loathe her at the same time.

Turkey! The sheer cuteness has me at “Gobble, Gobble.” Crafts you can save and reuse year after year. I know that when I was younger I made a Rudolph out of rudimentary skills, glue and sticks and my mom has kept that and brought it out every year for Christmas Season and it always makes me feel special. Still.

So let’s say you’re Gluten Free or Vegetarian for Thanksgiving and your family cannot grasp sitting down to a meal without a bird as the centerpiece. Problem solved. You’re welcome.

Lovely downloadable Art Print – colors and illustration stunning.

Paper cones floral and pretty and everything lovely.

Leaf cutouts a great way to “garland” your buffet table, “run” your table or “craft” your children in this season.

Felt baby wipes! This is just cute.

Felted car oh the quietness of felt wheels. I long for you.

Tin and Book a great tutorial on a small scrap book. Adorable!

Fairy wand or Superhero, of course.

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