A couple weeks ago I ran away to Pittsburgh with my (step) sister to visit friends. It had been on the calendar and planned for a couple months and leading up to it there was uncertainty if we would still be making the 6 hour drive out there for a weekend of girl-time and some operation-SHOPPING!

My family had been sick for what seemed like months, I had stitches in my thumb … things weren’t looking good. But I was going. OH YES I WAS.

And we did. And it was awesome.


There was a lot of laughter. No dressing room in the thrift store? No problem! We’ll take over the Men’s Pants aisle and have our own little What Not To Wear episode.





I came home rejuvenated and with more bags than when I left. It was a successful trip (and under budget!) for so many, many reasons.

I don’t know who took photos, but thanks the Meghan, Erica, and Molly for being my personal shoppers who wore honesty on their sleeves and pushed me to try new things. And for taking photos.

2 thoughts on “Shopping

  1. I’m having the thrift store finds cleaned right now – so I haven’t even worn them yet, but SOON! I have worn the long blue flannelish one ALOT, the America Eagle flannel and the red with the scarf is my fav I think šŸ™‚

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