Make yourself some Family Meals

Lets start this off with the disclosure. I was paid to shop and do this post however my opinions are my own.

So, now that we’re all on the same page. Who wants to shop at WalMart with me? You can come along for the ride here.

Who has problems with knowing how to use those leftovers in the back of your fridge? Maybe your spouse doesn’t really “do leftovers” so you’re left with the task of eating them on your own lest you throw them away and feel guilty about it. Wait, that’s just me. So I’ve started to reuse my leftovers in new recipes.

Thanksgiving is a great one because there’s generally SO many leftovers after the big Turkey dinner – but our Thanksgiving didn’t contain any turkey for our bellies. Nor did we come home with left overs. Which is actually nice – but for the purpose of this post – we’re going to assume that I had left over turkey in which I needed to use up.

ConAgra to the rescue with their wonderful products like Wesson oil and Parkay butter. Both of which I needed in order to complete this recipe. Even better? You can find both these products and all the other ConAgra foods at WalMart. #FamilyMeals! (Reddi Whip anyone?)

ConAgra Family Meals, Collective Bias - Leftovers

I started this dough recipe a couple days ago in order to use up my leftovers. In my fridge I had veggies that needed to be used this week. If you have left over green beans, stuffing, roasted veggies – that’s a great starting point. I also had a couple cans of Cream of Mushroom soup that I couldn’t remember having a reason for buying so I grabbed that as well and went to work.

Here’s what we’re gonna do:

Heat up your skillet or pan with your Wesson Canola Oil in order to stir fry your veggies as an optional “stuffing” for the dough.

ConAgra Family Meals, Collective Bias - Leftovers

Roll out your dough, after cutting it into 6 pieces.

ConAgra Family Meals, Collective Bias - Leftovers

Have your tukery on hand and cut into pieces as well – I grabbed some lunch meat at WalMart in order to fit the bill.

ConAgra Family Meals, Collective Bias - Leftovers

Once assembled, you’re ready to go. You can either use Parkay butter or your Cream of Mushroom soup/Sour Cream mix (again, whatever you have on hand) as the “basting” for the Pot Pie Stromboli.

ConAgra Family Meals, Collective Bias - Leftovers

ConAgra Family Meals, Collective Bias - Leftovers

And when you’re done you should have six lovely Leftover Pot Pie Strombolis to fix for dinner that night, or stick in the freezer for an easy, no brainer when the leftovers in the fridge don’t sound too good. šŸ™‚

ConAgra Family Meals, Collective Bias - Leftovers

How do you do it? Are you a left-over-achiever? Eating everything re-heated? Do you incoporate your leftovers in new recipes? What’s your favorite go-to leftover-saver?

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  1. Yup, I actually let it sit out another 24 hours and it started to do what it was supposed to. We have a seriously dry climate in our house for some reasons so I’m guessing that had to do with it. Plan to eat them tonight!!!

    Thanks for your recipe … I LOVE your site, as always.

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