Oh Christmas Tree!

We have a 50/50 chance of actually getting a Christmas tree everytime this season rolls around and it’s not because we don’t like them or believe in them … we just get so busy and then it becomes a chore and not a tradition.

In the 8 Christmases we’ve shared we’ve only had a tree 5 times.

Virginia Dec. 2005

(Not our tree)

For our daughters first Christmas we actually went to visit friends, so we passed on the tree at home because we would be gone. The two years following we also didn’t have a tree – for reasons like: She was grabbing at everything and instead of constantly keeping her away from a tree we decided to celebrate in other ways. Without one. Or we enjoyed my mom’s tree, Aaron’s parent’s tree …

My little family

(Not our tree)

I was also pretty tired come Christmas time a few years ago:

That was tiring :)

(Not our tree, pregnant with babe #2)

I’ve also been known to improvise:

My little tree

But I do love looking back at the photos of Christmases past to see how big our kids’ have grown, how the house looks different in the photos – how the ornaments almost never change.

Super late christmas tree photo

Christmas Morning, 2009

This year we’ll be getting one, we just have to decide when. It’s gone by so fast and December is here. The month we’ve been waiting all year for. The month we’ll finally be free from a mortgage note, the month we’ll hopefully be completely debt free in. December has been a long time coming this year, like a present we’ve been watching in the window and in just a few weeks we’ll be allowed to touch it. To feel how light it is, shake it a little and hope we don’t break anything.

So yes, this year? We’ll be getting a tree – one that smells heavenly with twinkly lights and handmade, glittery ornaments and we’ll snap photos, drink hot chocolate and decorate cookies in it’s glow.

And it’ll be just right.

Our tree, Christmas Eve (Santa came!)

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