12 steps

Hi my name is …

Loved the ice cream


And I’ve made my mom’s life miserable today for a few reasons but she’s on this kick of having a better attitude, not bitter – so instead of wanting to show me the bottom of her shoe …

New shoes! For School!

She’s blowing me kisses and breathing really deeply.

Oliver and mom date at home

Besides, I’m kinda cute.

Jersey Junction!

And even I’m aware of this.

But I know that if I don’t give my mom a break my sister will cry because we’ll miss the Santa parade tonight and it’s reeeeaaaallllllyyyy important to her.

Halloween 2009

So I’m trying to calm down and listen a little harder. I’ve even said sorry without being asked and given kisses to my mom and sister.

They like it when I do that.

And … truth be told … I do, too …….

Oliver and his Crazy Ladies.

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