Time = Money. True or False?

Currently reading this book and am officially gaining control back of this house.

Making the grocery list

I should clean my cupboards out, no?

Jessica's interpretation of "Clean your room, please"

I have a sickness

All these photos are from our last house – on days when I was undertaking some huge project, like menu planning or tearing out the cabinets to redo them. Or asking my kid to pick up.

I’ve made many references to being “chronically disorganized” or “unorganized” and all that jazz but it’s not true. I’m just overwhelmed.

I married the OCD King of clean and organized and I’ve always been a little more “fly by the seat of my pants” kind of gal, but having kids and a household to run means that I need some kind of system to make sure I don’t lose things in the process. Or pay late fees on the bills I continue to forget about. Out of sight, out of mind.

Such a sickness in my life. But I’m taking the medicine of hard work, diligence and opportunity and I’m going to get my life back. My house back.

My time.

Who’s with me??

I’ve already pocketed cash in the process and every time we let go of something we’re closer to an overall goal and I feel lighter. Like I have wings.

Stuff sucks. It sucks cash, time and energy and I’m not going to sacrifice those any longer.

I feel like I need a cape right now. ONWARD!

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