Things We Love To Do: Stockings

My little family

You see the stockings hanging on the mantle in this photo? My mom made those when I was a teenager. One for each of us kids at the time, before the family grew with marriages and children-in-laws.

The stockings are always my FAVORITE part of Christmas. Presents are fun, but for some reason I love the goodie bag of a stocking. The little thoughts, the extras.

I’ve tried many times to make our family stockings but I always get about 1/2 way and then stop and rush to find the already bought stockings we own from a storage bin. They’re uber ugly.

Here’s some fun alternatives and even no-sew options for stockings. Guess which one I’m going to try?

Felt stockings

Silhouette stockings

Going Postal stocking

Paper stockings

Simple felted stockings

A few good ideas for stuffers??

Felted Fortune cookies

Caramel cones

Gift cards are always a hit inside of a stocking. Lottery tickets are a fun addition as well. For kids? Stickers!! Tattoos!! Bracelets, beaded necklaces and small cars or animals.

Step away from the battery powered noise makers. Back up slowly … keep walking to the book section and find yourself the shelf of books that also do not require batteries or have buttons.

Wooden toys are always a hit.

Go to town!

(I’ll be trying the paper ones first and if I’m not satisfied, we’ll go for the felted ones with hand prints and snow flakes … that we’ll make)

One thought on “Things We Love To Do: Stockings

  1. I loved stockings as a kid as well! It was a sad year when my mom discontinued them. My proudest moment this year was when I was talking about stockings and my 14yo told me I put the best stuff in there!

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