Discounts! Reminders! Expirations!


Just a reminder to you, my friends, that the Moms in Tow Discount Offer ends December 19th, 2010.

Use the code “jodimichelle” for over 50% off your yearly membership.

A few helpful notes as I’ve heard from a few of you that have bought the membership (awesome, and so exciting!) is that when you go to pay, after entering your discount code of “jodimichelle” you need to “verify the coupon” for it to take effect. However, if for some reason this is an oversight and you end up being charged the total amount for the membership – Jenny with Moms in Tow is wonderful and will refund you the difference in a heart beat. Please, take note.

She is awesome.

Please also take note of these exciting developments:

You can now gift a membership, officially, to your favorite people or your partner/spouse can take the hint and finally get one for you.

You can also add your own activities to the calendar and it integrates with Google Calendar as well as whatever’s out there for PC’s. I don’t know the technical names.

Jenny just launched their official newsletter to members and prospective members which keeps you in the know about what discounts are available, which companies are new to the program and what activities are coming up.

**fine print: I’m not getting kick backs if you buy the membership, this is not an affiliate program. Moms in Tow is just awesome and wants to offer jodimichelle readers a special discount, because you’re awesome, too.

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