Craft-gasm! Things We Love To Do.

See how I’m sneaking that in there? Trying it out?

This round up has a lot of Christmassy things going on. And even some food. Yum.

Gift wrap and tags download, print and you’re on your way. You might be 15 minutes late but at least you won’t have Holly-Wrap with Poinsettia’s dancing around. Am I right?

Chai Tea Loaves I don’t care what you are, that just sounds good. Why is that at Christmastime people always gift food? And Sweets? Teachers must really LOVE a gift card every now and then.

Turn pallets into a reading corner Mmmmmmm. Craft-gasm.

LP Record gift tags for the musically inclined. Very unique.

World Map Printable. A great start to a family tradition. (I have something like this on my life list)

SNOWMEN and Marshmallows. My 2 1/2 year old just went crazy.

Deer printable gift tags.

Gift tags Make the season bright. Cheery. I like it.

Christmas Subway Art LOVE this.

Anthropoloie has nothing on your budget you can just put that $57 right back into your envelope. (Truth be told, I have a little crush on Anthropologie myself and I really have no idea what their stuff costs, other than … it’s spendy and I’m cheap and still kind of frumpy in style.)

For the GUYS which are always hard to DIY for. If they don’t enjoy building something, golfing, playing video games or drinking beer it can be really, really difficult to buy something for the males of your Christmas season. Books on how to tie knots? They got that 3 years ago. Fun golfing tips? So last year. The sweater you have wrapped in your closet … bring it back. I have no idea what guys like, I married one who uses his hands and brain all day, so a manicure? Massage! That’s it. But that has nothing to do with DIY or crafting. You could DIY their favorite meal or dessert? I need as much help as you.

Chandelier Ornament This is so pretty. I know of a girl in my house who would kind of freak out if this was on our tree.

Holiday Wreath without all the fuss.

Printable tea towel has kind of a sweedish look to it, very sweet.

Make house pillows or lavender satchels. Whatever you call them.

A grocery store tear off list I’m on an organizational kick which is more of a cleansing of unnecessary processes in my life … and piles.

More adorable gift tags.

Silhouette art maybe it’s the beach scene or the actual art but stuff like this always makes me want to try it.

Ladder Shelf! We actually might have a ladder in the storage unit I could do this with. Just yesterday I made a fireplace out of an old column we had for decoration purposes. It was free and now is functional (a mantle!) and much better to look at than the white walls of the apartment. (As always, thanks Dad, for the tools and you’re help. I more “commissioned” this fireplace than actually did the building this time.)

Felted soap I have a bit of a phobia of bar soaps. Don’t ask. I don’t know if this would solve that problem (since I wouldn’t have to actually TOUCH the soap) but it’s worth a try. I just can’t think of all the dried soap in the wool. That alone will give me the heebie-jeebies. BUT! I like the process of felting and this tutorial is a great one!

More gift tags!! Tis the Season.

Over the wreath madness? Want something else to look at? Try this pine cone portrait. Love. (I’m still all about the wreath madness, personally)

Mail themed gift tags Be cute AND on time.

All your packaging needs printable – tags! And other lovelies.

FOOD. Gingerbread Houses, DIY I need to do this just to say I did. Just for the fun of it. I don’t actually enjoy making these things because then what do you do with them? I don’t eat them, I’d rather not keep them all season, but they’re FUN and ADORABLE. And making something like this is kind of therapy for me. So yes. Lets.

Crepe Paper tree. I couldn’t resist.

(Folks, I trowel the internet and google search for tutorials but I also have some amazing go-to sites I check often. Obviously these are not at all my original ideas and I’m not the first person to assemble a list or things I like or enjoy to share with others. I do this as a way to bookmark the things I want to remember for later, or file away for another day. In the meantime, I share them all with you.)

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