A dear friend included me in her blog this week and what she linked to was such a good reminder of where I need to just rest for a while.

Settle: “I’m trying very hard not to jump into something right now. Redecorating the apartment, settling in. Selling all our furniture in the storage unit that we don’t miss and can’t remember owning. Selling the van and buying something we can afford without payments.”

Because guess what I’m doing right now? Sitting on the one and only chair left in our apartment aside from the dining room set. We’ve sold our couch, 2 oversized chairs, a coffee table (maybe), our BED, and a handful of other things (toys, baby gear) from our storage unit.

Guess I didn’t wait too long to start doing something again. Accomplishing a list. Gathering information, ideas and re-organizing my life.

Last night we slept on an air-mattress which was actually kind of fun except that it leaks a bit and we ended up on the floor a few times. HA! Aaron woke up, turned his head because he didn’t need to roll over – we were cheek to cheek, and said “We’re buying a bed today.”

Morning conviction. Today: GOAL. Today: LIST. Today: I DON’T WANT TO SLEEP ON THE FLOOR.

And I woke up, rested?, before anyone else in the house. Maybe getting a few more things out of my life and still lying in wait was a good thing to do. Because doing nothing, being stagnant is a natural state of haze for me. So although I’m creating some work, I’m also clearing the way for something new.

And yes, we’ll be buying a new couch and bed – to answer those questions, we were planning this kind of upheaval had we moved into the new house (which, update: Officially closes in about 2 weeks!) to update or replace a few pieces of furniture because most of what we had was way too big for this apartment. Huge furniture in less than 1,000 sq. ft.?? Meh, not so much.

Aaron would LOVE to just “buy a room” from a store – the rug, the table, couch and chair and be done with it, I like a bit of the Gypsy when I’m decorating a house. A bit of the Collector, the Vintage, the Antique. Some Junk, some Modern. A mish-mash of the trails we walk in our lives. The art on our wall these days are beautiful primary colored patterns or renditions of trees in a Van Gogh style and the artist? Is our daughter.

It’s pretty appealing to be able to say that everything in my house is all I need and more. That I don’t have another garage somewhere with a code to gain access to stuff I don’t use, don’t miss and want to unload from my life.

I’m ready to vagabond my way through this world. I want to see some-place-else’s blue sky, stars and moon. I want smell the fruit from a different stand. I want to feel the sand from a different dune.

I have fashion in my soul for the world I live in. I want to wear scarves of climates I’ve never seen and jewels from smiles I have yet to receive.

This is my reminder to stop achieving the norm. To stop apologizing for this crazy situation. To climb on top of my personal mountain – see another peak, grab the hands of my family and summit some more.

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