{Video} Blah-blah-blogger!

Finally. I make videos often, actually, but lose the time to edit them and post them and then a week later I don’t think what I said matters anymore so I move on. So … now I just took a bit from this, a little from that and mushed it all together so hopefully we can just get on with it and I can get back into the saddle.

Today is Aaron’s 30th birthday and contrary to my Life List where it says Throw a party for Aaron’s 30th, 40th and 50th I am not on top of this.

I’m trying to decide if that means I failed or if I need to do it anyway. Or just make an amendment that states – hey guess what!??! I’m just crawling out of a hole in my life and had no idea how to throw a party for a birthday as big as this …

Either way, I love Aaron an awful lot and am hugely thankful for the old man. My old man!!

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