{Life List} Live Mortgage Free

My brain just hurts. We finally made it. We are mortgage free 6 months after selling our house and all we had to do was build another house, sell that one and spend our savings for a down payment on the leftovers of the mortgage of the first house instead of moving into a new house, which we sold.

Don’t worry, I’m confused too. Not really. Aaron and I knew exactly what we were doing the entire time, explaining it is just tough.

When I wrote my Life List I was pretty vague. I mean living mortgage and debt free are biggies but what does that really mean? We never have a mortgage again? ZOMG that would be awesome. We won’t be debt free by Christmas though, we decided to keep the van and just pay it off – which would take a miracle for that to happen in less than 10 days.

I’m exhausted. All this mental and emotional energy is draining and now our goal is to Dave Ramsey our way to a fully funded emergency fund, travel a bit and I don’t think I want to live in a house ever again. Renting an apartment – love it. This is fine, but if we buy another dwelling it’s going to be different. I like tree houses. I’m definitely ok with living in a barn. Turn an old factory into a house?? Why yes, yes that would be wonderful. Buy another house in another neighborhood and you can catch me gagging just a little bit.

No one knows where we’ll be in a year or two – we could very well be ready to lay our savings down for a house or we might take to the Sea for a year and go whale watching instead of reading bedtime stories. Folks, our life just blew wide open and I’m standing on this proverbial cliff just watching Opportunity and Dreams call out, waiting to catch us when we jump.

What’s the term? Free falling? Yes. That.

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