where’s waldo?

Where's Jessica?

So far I’m still not “entirely” sick. A small fever, some bothersome ear pain and the occasional hacking cough has me on my toes taking care of the sick kids and the sick Aaron.

Its my goal to have our kids sit on the toilet simultaneously drinking water and peeing at the same time – that is how much I’m making them drink today. We are flushing their systems. Oh yes we are.


Also not ingesting sugar or dairy – because if I don’t get sleep tonight I’m pretty sure I’ll be walking myself into the hospital and asking them to admit me to the psych ward.

I’m a little emotional. Actually, that should probably read more emotional than usual. And a crabby husband and demanding needs of a household and kids is starting to make me hate things about my life. Which is not where I’d like to be. Because it’s still December and I have an attitude to work on.

I will actively “not go there” for this very reason. Instead heres my list of the bright sides …

# We’re doing puzzles and playing games more often.
# I drew a map of our favorite places this morning for the kids, so when we feel better we can cross them off on an adventure.
# I’m teaching our daughter to write her thank you notes and witnessed her excitement about being generous in her spirit when receiving.
# So much cuddling is going on this week. Falling asleep in laps, on chests and in jammies all day.
# We’re catching up on lost cartoonish movies we never saw.
# We seem to have everything we need.
# We are on the upswing. We are on the upswing. We are on the upswing. (This is what goes through my head every hour, every day.) I think it’s working.

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