Where the wild things are

Wild flowers

If this last calendar year has proven any one thing let it be said that it’s shown us …

anything is possible

Do you know the freedom inside of those words? I’ve been doing some reflecting on the last year and it’s accomplishments. The hurdles, the struggles, the despair and the mountains of hope, the everlasting and steadfast will to move forward, the optimism, successes and growth.

I’ll forever be at awe of the last year – the sheer distance we’ve come in one calendar but also? The opening of some kind of chasm deep inside of our family – the one where we decided it was time to actually wake up to our life and not watch it from our front porch.

2011 isn’t looking to be any different, we’re on track to be involved in some amazing things and I’m ready for the surprises along the way. January alone we’ll be celebrating a birthday, recuperating from surgery and going mobile for 2 weeks. The fun is just beginning.

Field - running

Part of me has always known my life would get to right here. Married, mother, life. After that I’ve never assumed much or wondered what was beyond that and I’m too young to wish it away – it’s not that I’m craving something outside of stability, quite the opposite actually, but I’m not ready to lay down my thirst for this life, for this world. I don’t want to trade safety for seity but I have this longing to be the kind of mother/person/woman who lives with wild abandon – who paints unicorns on the ceiling with my daughter because we can, who fixes up old pick-ups to drive along route 66 with my kids for a week. I want to taste this life, photograph it, memorize it and touch everything inside of it.

The surprise here is that I always assumed that the life I have now (Married, mother, life) equaled laying those things down. Maybe I’m just rediscovering what it means to personally live inside of intention, too.

2010, I think we ran Your marathon well. I want to thank You for holding us up when the water station was empty, for pushing us forward when the fans had stopped shouting and for being there, right til the end, waiting to welcome us to the other side of this race.

There are wings on my feet, jewels around my neck and adorned in my daughters hair – spears of life in my son’s back pocket and the fierce leadership in my husbands eyes. We’re ready.

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