confessions v.2

Every night I go to bed excited to have coffee again in the morning. It has more to do with the tradition of having something warm to start my day than wanting it for taste or caffeine. Someone asked me recently if I was a morning or night person and my response was I’m more of a middle of the day kind of person. I do think that when it comes right down to it, I love the beginning of the day and that it has the potential to start with something on the sweet side.


Every night I go to bed debating on whether or not tomorrow will be the morning I wake up first. (One needs an alarm clock for this to happen. Ehum.)

Almost every month I decide to stop writing.

I haven’t yet.

I cannot wait for the reality tv drama’s of January. Bachelor? Yes, yes I will watch that. Religiously.

I love peanut butter. Also carrots, yellow cake and red wine.

I like to honestly believe that if no one witnesses you eat an entire tub of ice cream, it doesn’t count.

I would like to have a lab do an entire work up of my blood to get to the bottom of what really happened to me when I was a baby in Africa. Something happened. Something big, bad and unknown. I almost died. So far we don’t know that it had lasting effects but for some odd reason I’m the only one in my family with a liver/pancreas issue (which has to do with the blood). And well, part of me thinks there’s something bigger going on.

I’m a freak.

One thought on “confessions v.2

  1. I’m a freak too. One particular weekend when my sister was in college, my mom and I went to visit her for the weekend and we were all driving around campus while I discussed my freakishness and my mom said, you know what I’ve learned…”everybody’s weird.” and my sister and I agreed, and we still whip that quote out all the time. Everybody is weird, and I will also watch the bachelor religiously….with pride.

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