Things they love to do: Kids!

This will be a heavily educational/kid centered Things We Love To Do and if that’s just not your thing then please dive in to some great reading on time management or peruse some recipes for meal planning/baking. Still not interested? Well then, maybe we could just talk I’ll start the conversation …

Now, if you’re still with me you might remember that we’re taking off pretty soon for a lengthy absence from normal around here. In fact, it began this morning when my daughter had her tonsils removed. (Which went swimmingly! She’s doing awesome – we’re home and she’s working on her 6th popsicle so far!!)

I did get a packet from her teacher and all kinds of encouragement from her classroom – they’re going to miss her!! {I love that!} But I know my daughter and a handful of brain exercises is going to bore her in about 2 hours. She flies through this stuff. So … Things They Love To Do today is all about how to keep kids learning, busy and happy.

Shall we, then?

Monster Spray! complete with printable label. I was thinking of making this for my daughter but changing it from Monster Spray to Pain Away! {Tonsils, remember?} But so far we’ve been all smiles. I might still whip this up to keep the boredom at bay over the next few days.

ZipLoc Bag Books which happen to be a genius idea, if you ask me. In a few days we’ll be spending more than 16 hours in a van over 2 days and I can’t imagine a better way to introduce some excitement along the way. Not to mention a great (and very update-able) craft/book/learning tool to grow with my kids. Where as I sat for hours on end with my daughter when she was little reading books and learning shapes, colors and body parts – I simply don’t have that time luxury with my son, being the second. This comes at a great time, too, because you can get 99 prints for only 99cents from Snpafish right now. (More on that here)

I Spy Bottle another great idea for times when there seems to be nothing else I could do to distract them from the hours on the pavement. I could whip a couple of these up, different themes {I’m thinking: Sports, Princesses, Letters, Outside etc} and encourage some focus time along with a good game of hide n seek in a bottle.

Fancy those flips … this might seem silly when we’re under a Lake Effect Weather Warning in the middle of winter but she’s very interested in learning how to tie and I figure this could be a great way to get started. Pick out some fancy fabric to her liking, I’ll do the cutting of the strips and then we can pack it away for when we’re at the hotel and need some down time. She can practice tying knots and then we can reward each other with painted toes. And fancy flipwear.

All tied up is another practicing to tie activity – I might rig this one with shoe laces so we can actually practice the loops.

Is that a weave you’re wearing? Why yes! More fine motor skills, good for both my kids at their respective ages. She can loop with merriment and practice bows while He can stick his tongue out in concentration and try to make sense of the whole thing. We’ll be Royalty for the day when we’re done.

Sensory tubs! This feels like a lightbulb moment for me and I can’t explain that. I’m a very sensory person myself so why I haven’t done something like this for my kid’s yet is beyond me. But it looks fun! Can’t wait to try it! (and should travel pretty well, too)

Learn your colors a containable and easy to store game. Already printed mine – will be cutting, gluing and laminating soon šŸ™‚

Make a wallet HA! I just think this is cool.

Silk screening with kids. This one won’t be for our trip but I still want to try it once it gets a bit warmer outside.

Linoleum printing again, not for the trip but still worth mentioning.

Kids Sewing Cards another great lacing activity.

So that’s what I’m finding right now – along with tons of printable worksheets, coloring sheets, letters and games etc etc etc. I think we’ll do alright in the “learning” as we go thing.

What’s worked for you? What crafts, games, worksheets have you found and loved?

4 thoughts on “Things they love to do: Kids!

  1. WOW…what amazing resources! Almost wish I had kids so I could try out some of your ideas…almost!

    P.S. I LOVED sewing cards when I was little. My mom never sewed, but somehow I picked up on it and still sew today — it must have been those sewing cards!

  2. Thanks! The internet is my muse šŸ™‚ haha. So glad to hear that you love sewing STILL. I need to dust my machine off one of these days and take a class – I have all these ideas but not the confidence to get them done.

  3. You know who has carving tools & printing ink? If you ever want to try the linoleum printing, let me know. I know Fris has the blocks & I have old tools to lend out. Holla.

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