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The Holiday Season leaves me drained and feeling like the only thing worth accomplishing is cleaning up the wrapping paper. I’m not particularly creative during December because of weather and calendar commitments and all kinds of other things pulling my attention. Which is why this is so overdue and also why it’s so refreshing, for me.

A calendar! First up. I printed mine and it’s hanging proudly in my kitchen. I love being reminded of what’s in season at just a glance as well as picturing some lovely produce which conjures up health and wellness for me next to my “TO DO” and days full of things that might otherwise bog me down. Also helps me say no if I need a break.

2011 calendar

Stenciled handwriting a more involved project but such an inspiring one (and a great tutorial).

A Tshirt for a guy (or gal). Don’t let the “Christmas” word in this title get you confused. Aaron’s brother is an amazing guitarist and music is quite the hobby, career and passion in my family as well – so this is a well rounded (no pun intended) idea for brothers, cousins, siblings etc that have you stumped come their birthdays!

Plan ahead for next year and get your advent calendar and garland stashed away. Maybe you’re shopping the steals right now for holiday decor, it’s also a great time to think ahead and start a file for ideas/printables and crafts for the coming holidays. Even 11 months out. (Who is this?? Planning ahead!?! I think I might have caught the Organizer’s Bug. I am all about this right now.)

Modern Art Plates So lovely. (Warning on this site, it’s annoying … has this stupid pop up at the bottom and it’s all around just distracting – but worth the click because this How To is really fun.)

Need some new art for your walls? Look no further. Free prints from some of your favorite artists. Some you might find to love and some you never knew you HAD to have šŸ™‚

Subway Art for Grandma I am more than a little smitten with subway art lately.

Tie Die Leggings Ahh! So cute!

Quilting is something I’d like to accomplish in my lifetime. It also helps that this has something to do with the subway and maps (ish) and mazes, crazy direction.

Ruffle your bussle Oh. My. Word. (I just died from the cuteness)

A santa beard in white but a different color might yield a new identity entirely!

A great tutorial on simple tu-tu’s I think the key is to use not-so-scratchy tule and the results are stunning.

Do what you love often free printable, many colors. LOVE.

For science enthusiast or just for fun.

Paper dolls we’re still very much in love with these.

Monogram your mug a quick go-to for hostess gifts, teacher gifts etc.

Wire hurricane love the texture of these.

Oh I want this table for plants in the apartment. I’d recess a couple of those planks so I could have a “stay put” space for pots but then a work surface for crafting or displaying books, snacks, flowers – whatever.

Car keeper Fine. I’ll make ONE resolution: sew more.

Fun charades I printed these already, too. Will laminate and keep them in my arsenal for “things to do when bored while away from home”.

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