celebrating six years

I have all kinds of stories, words and photos to share to commemorate this amazing day. The day we became parents … parents of her.


She’s precious in every way to me.


And I find it telling that we took 2 tests with her …

The tests we took when we found out with Jessica

To double check, to be absolutely certain. And still? The lines are so soft. Almost weak. But there. So. There.

Just as our daily trip into parenting often yield’s double checking, cross checking, re-reading and all kinds of weakness … we’re still here. So. Here.

Gettin ready for a special birthday girl

Happy Happy Birthday, Sweet. You’ve been an adventure from the moment we met you and, my goodness, you’re amazing. This year we’re learning (mostly me) how to let go and still be engaged in the wonderful dance of dependance. Jessica, I will always be here. Always. And I’m finally comfortable with the fact that you might not. You might leave, in fact it’s proven that you will. You will start a life without me and I’m prepared to cheer you on. I can’t wait to watch you become who you already are.


I am so proud of you. I love you!


5 thoughts on “celebrating six years

  1. Wow that made me tear up. I’m so not ready to let go of my little 18 month old, and yet I know it will happen so fast. Enjoy this day!

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