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I am actually on top of things where my minute-to-minute life is concerned. I have a white board in my kitchen now and every morning I list out what I need to accomplish for the day and then I actually do it.

For a very long time I’ve been kind of winging it where a schedule goes, as far as knowing what I should tackle first/next/now and I always fall behind because I don’t prioritize well.

My priority has almost always been my kids first and then this website – and even that line got blurry some days. So I have to really decide if I’m going to let my time suck be pleasing people or being a mom.

Surgery, temporary homeschooling and packing up for a couple weeks has made the decision very clear to me. Being a mom has to come first for me, something I’ve failed at far more than I’ve excelled.

I’m losing readers, the numbers are falling and I’ve actually struggled with this. Being a number-phobic person – each and every set of eyes that decides I’m worth their time is very important to me, so I feel like I’m failing (at a very personal level) when those people no longer find importance here.

I get it! I do it all the time. Clear the noise in my life, redirect my interests. It’s part of the amazing freedom of the internet and I applaud it, but it still stings a bit.

So part of me wants to please you and start writing my heart out again, doing list after list of things to do, creating new and exciting ideas/ventures/things but I’m exhausted and Bygones must be Bygones. I want to apologize for the loss of (possible) interest and I want to quit, actually.

We’re still undergoing a major redesign and it’s just stressful. This isn’t an income for me, this website. So spending extra time and money and pouring my wants and needs into this thing is exposing me on a level I wasn’t aware would be required.

If you’ve made it this far – thanks for sticking with me šŸ™‚ And because I love you all, literally, all of you, I’m giving away ONE (1) $20.00 Amazon gift card.

Answer me this (your one and only hoop for an entry) in the comments:

If you were going away for a couple weeks (doesn’t matter where or with who) what would be one thing that you’d be SURE to do/try while away?

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16 thoughts on “time suck

  1. I want to go to Australia and snorkel the Great Barrier Reef. Really, I can’t pick one thing we would HAVE to do because it depends on where we would be going. My husband and I are the type of people that don’t follow “tourist” attractions when we vacation, we like to dive into the “local” scene. We want to go to the restaurants the locals love and explore the places the locals recommend, we don’t want to explore the “hyped” we want to explore the “beloved”. We’re really big adventure seekers on vacation šŸ™‚ Truly.

  2. Whenever I go away, I always try to ask the locals for the best spot to eat. I find that the hometown places always have the best food, nicest people, community involvement. And you usually find even more things to do/see/visit by talking to your waitress or seeing community events postings around the place!

  3. We always ask the locals where the best places to see/do are. Go with ideas of what you want to do but, be flexible if something different sounds better. Go with your gut šŸ™‚

  4. I would find one thing to do as a family (especially that the kids would enjoy) that is new and maybe unique to the area. Not even something huge and expensive šŸ™‚
    Ice skating, whale watching, something like that.

  5. Depends on where I was going and with who. Drink? Spa? Spend the day bumming around the local scene, out of the way of tourists.

  6. First answer, if I we’re you, and I was going to Oklahoma? I’d pack up my kids and make a small trek to OKC to see a certain someone whose going to by that time possibly sitting around with an infant fuh-reaking out.

    But for real, I love being anywhere, especially with Paul and literally walking up and down streets, alleys, places we probably aren’t supposed to be in order to see EVERYTHING about what makes that place special to the people that live there. My favorite photos from Europe are from streets and cut throughs we found by mistake, that we took just to take and we ended up finding some of the most charming doors, houses, businesses, bikes, gardens and fountains. Super cool.

  7. man, kids have really changed my perspective…i would have probably had a tall list of places or things i’d want to do 8 years ago. now, if i get away anywhere i just like to eat good food, complete a knitted project and use my old 35mm camera.

  8. The one thing I would be sure to do would be to wander around the downtown or cultural area, without a plan or definite idea of what I want to find. Going with no expectations helps me to find the cool kitschy things that I tend to gloss over when I have a plan or list of things I have to find that afternoon. Just wandering around with a camera and good company is so fun, you get the best pictures, have the best memories, find the best restaurants/stores, and have lots of fun!

  9. Wowsah. Dream vacay? My trusted steed, a kayak, awesome camera & sketchbook. Denver > Red Lodge & Kalispell MT > Toketee & Independance OR > Seattle > then on to Alaska. I want to visit old friends & old haunts. Spend the day OUT with the camera or on the water. Spend the night in small bars drinking cheap red wine shooting shit w/ locals swapping stories or in a corner unwinding w/ the sketchbook. AND ALASKA! I want to see pods of whales & crab boats & hike out to where Chris McKindless camped. I want to see the last frontier. Then again, if I make it that far I may not come home.

  10. I would visit the local library, the local eating places, and be open with others what it is you are hoping to find and then do it!
    also…knowing alittle bit about you…go with NO expectations…or very LOW anyway!

  11. I absolutely would hole up in a well-reputed cafe (or at a street side cafe at a pretty, outdoor table), with good positioning for people-watching and a journal. Then, I would write down all of the very best things about my adventure so far, all the things I still planned to do, and what the trip was doing to my heart. I never want to forget that stuff. Plus, people-watching always give me a good pulse on where I am and what the place is about. Sitting outside in the sun while doing so warrants bonus points šŸ™‚ I hope you find that perfect little percolating spot!

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