who knows you best?

my mom knows me

My mom is in my top 5. She comments here as “krz” (not to blow your cover mom) and I love that she just wrote this one.

Yes, lowering my expectations is an exercise I’m working on. I plan to sit in a hotel for days on end with crabby kids and no sunshine and no way out.

Wait, too low?

Ok then. I plan to be fluid. Go with the flow. Take chances, seize opportunities and just be lazy if I want to.

And I won’t guilt myself for it.

2 thoughts on “who knows you best?

  1. At my age, I am realizing in a very personal way in my life that unique opportunities such as the one you are about to embark on are to be savored. Live into it wholly.

    As you live wholly and in the moment, the only things you will regret are those things you did NOT do. You will never regret those things you did.

    As the self-appointed Nobel Prize winner in the GUILT category, I can only tell you that guilt is the ultimate “live-wholly” robber. Just as a smoke detector warns the occupants of a home of impending danger and destruction, you need to install a guilt detector and keep the batteries current. This device is meant to alert you the of imminent and persistent damage and demolition to your soul.


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