Blah blah bLoGgEr!!

Imagine some serious crazy eyes while announcing that title. A little cross eyed. Possibly some drool.

I am a crazy “Blah Blah Blogger” and I love it. I’ve been getting a few questions for advice on how to start a blog from friends and family and I decided I could probably just write a post on this seeing as how I’ve been blogging for 10 years. {Yes, you read that correctly}

I have a few pieces of advice, sure. I am in no way your average mommy blogger or the one who makes a part time or full time income from blogging – what my site does for me is create opportunities for myself and my audience … and I try to take advantage of every single one. I have a few policies (personally) that I tend to when I write and we’ll discuss those as well. I don’t do product reviews, although I’ve thought long and hard about it, and we can discuss that as well.

In this mini-series we’ll talk Contacts! Relationships! Writing! Cliques in the bloggie-shpere! (They exist) Twibes! and More!

Want to get in on the conversation? GREAT! Leave a comment with your question (you can direct it at myself or at blogging in general) and I’ll do my best to address them in the series. I’ll be as honest with you as I always am. However, please don’t mistake me for any kind of guru {ok, mistake me! I’ll let you :)} or expert. I’m only a know-it-all where my site and person are concerned, and even then it’s mostly guess work.

We’ll meet back here Tuesday with the first discussion in “Bla Bla bLoGgEr:How to {did you} get started?”

3 thoughts on “Blah blah bLoGgEr!!

  1. I’m so sorry, apparently I was expecting Tuesday to really be Wednesday or Thursday – or any day we hadn’t spent 7 hours in a car. My brains are mush. I’ll gather my info/thoughts and the beginnings of my first ever blog (oh it’s scary) and get back to this soon. This week.

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