Gettin’ outta Dodge.


Behold! We are on our way to Oklahoma right now. My kids are hopefully this excited to be spending the next two days in the car with each other, although I took the liberty of separating them (seat wise) for this trip.

A few weeks ago I was having some anxiety about leaving our “normal” for two-ish weeks to live in a hotel in the middle of nowhere and homeschool while we were at it … but I assure you that most of my anxiety has melted away. {!!!}

I think knowing about this trip for so long and getting excited about it as I packed, baked, bought, made lists and cleaned our apartment for our return really helped that process for me. Also, lowering my all-time-famously-too-high expectations and meeting Reality at my door has brought me down to Planet Earth for this vacation/work trip/adventure.

Someone give me one of those tokens you get in AA for meeting some kind of goal. 6 Months Sober? Nope, First Time Fluid.

{This is a pre written/scheduled post to keep y’all up to date as I’m spending hours in a car with my family. Also? Please pray for sanity and laughter and plenty of Car-Bingo. Oh, and safety.}

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