half way

Ahhh! Yay!!

We made it to St. Louis.

All of these sound wonderful

We’ll see the Arch – our hotel is right behind it.

1996 Rainbow Gathering, in the Irish Wilderness section of Missouri's Mark Twain National Forest

Photo credit: guano.

Forest Park looks especially intriguing to me, but maybe not so much in the winter? We’ll see. Maybe the botanical gardens are a better bet for January.

Also? Cahokia Mounds sounds fascinating … and seeing more ruins of ancient civilizations is on my Life List.

However, if all else fails: Meramec Caverns. It’s not a family vacation without a cavern.

3 thoughts on “half way

  1. Well, Boo. All the things I thought would be fun are either closed for the season or close at 4 or 5pm. Shucks. The Arch and adventure it is then.

  2. What a fun trip, Jodi! Although out of your element, it sounds like you have a good attitude about it! Have SO much fun! I bet Jessica is going to love seeing all these new places šŸ™‚

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