Blah Blah bLoGgEr: How I got started

This is a mini series I’ll be working on to file away some of the things I’ve learned, liked and loved about blogging thus far. Feel free to chip in with questions or comments. Otherwise, please don’t mind me, this is mostly for my own benefit so I don’t forget.

First ever website: jodimichelle

My first ever website was an extension of my boyfriend’s. (Whom is now my lucky husband.) He used to blog too and it used to look way different. He has his own servers so it was easier to be an extension on his url than it was for me to set it up myself and learn that way. It’s a little fuzzy but I’m pretty sure I had to hard code everything, not just write in some kind of document on a content system (like Blogger, Moveable Type, TypePad, WordPress)

Here’s some helpful HTML for the beginner in all of us.

I’ll try to dig harder to find the actual content from way back then, 2002, but I assure you it was bastardly and often crude. Very self righteous. I had no idea other people (besides the boyfriend??) would find it, read it. I hoped, yes. Who doesn’t? But I wrote an awful lot about very hard things I was going through, re: divorced parents, and when they found it it made things worse.

Lesson Jodi! Don’t write things on the Internet you don’t want other people to hold against you. For good reason.

So: My first url read something like this but I titled my first blog “SVEVA” because I was in love with that name. I wanted to name my first born daughter Sveva, which is an African name for Joy. Aaron was actually on board with this until mid-pregnancy with our daughter and we finally decided that spelling her name for ever and ever might not be the greatest gift we were giving her. I still love it, though.

I didn’t keep this one up forever. I did stop writing for a while and then when we found out we were pregnant with our daughter I started again. This time, with a different extension.

My second url read something like this It was all about our pregnancy, and also the death of my step dad and how I went about coping with death while life was inside of me.

From there, writing snowballed into something I needed to do. I breathed writing. I was an avid journal writer in middle/high school and stopped doing it after I graduated. Every once in a while I would write but not like I once had. I used to write poetry (or tried to) and I would talk endlessly about my dreams and how to get there, what I wanted in life and where I was going. How I wasn’t looking back but leaping forward and then … it. just. stopped.

I know why, but I won’t tell you that. I won’t talk about it. But I needed to keep talking … so blogging was my gateway drug into doing so again. Into returning to the place where my blood was pumping.

header: jodimichelle

I don’t remember the exact date but I know it’s in April, thats when I pay the bill, I finally jumped to I think it was 2006? No idea. My blog birthday doesn’t matter to me, it never has. Not that it shouldn’t to other people – we all get something different out of writing, sharing and living online. A date on the calendar just isn’t it for me.

header: jodimichelle

There are many more header’s that I can’t find. They’re somewhere. I even designed a few.

But to recap, blogging started as a different way to journal for me, I jumped in with all my rough edges leading the way and found that it hurts to get caught being such a bitch when what you really wanted was someone to hear you. Then I stopped.

Then I started again, this time I dove right into the “mommy bloggersphere” without knowing such a thing existed. Blogging to keep family updated on our pregnancy – which morphed and changed and became what jodimichelle is today.


Next we’ll jump into the logistics of blogging, what I’ve used, what I use now. Blogger? WordPress? Free? Self hosted? Should you buy a domain name? What does blogging cost?

And again, I’m no expert. I’ll share what I’ve done, learned and what’s worked for me. Take from it what you can. Please feel free to ask questions as well! I don’t usually talk blogging here because it’s generally not the content people enjoy, but I’m all ears and LOVE talking about this stuff, plus I need to remember, too. Enjoy!

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