How they hangin?

Short and to the left.

KIDDING. A joke from yore. Now, any way. We’re doing pleasantly well here in Oklahoma. We’re in the lovely town of Bartlesville which is close to Tulsa and not too farm from Oklahoma City. Some of the highlights we plan to try to fit in while here (in an effort to keep with being Fluid, I’m not proclaiming we WILL do this stuff, we just want to.) are as follows:

Visit Pops!


I came to Oklahoma in June of 2009 to visit one of my BFF’s and she and her husband took me all over the place. I had so much fun, ate some of the best food and have the greatest memories. So, Pops! is on the list again šŸ™‚

On our friend’s recommendation we plan to check out the Oklahoma Aquarium which sounds fascinating to me. I love water animals. Or maybe I’m just morbidly curious about all the unknown around so much of it. (I saw that knowing how afraid I am of deep-sea things but how incredibly enchanting they are at the same time.)

Natural Bridge Caverns … ok so I can’t let go of this one. We spent hours in the car driving through Missouri and my eyeballs could not avert from the thousands of billboards for Meramec Caverns … for miles. And miles.

When I was younger my family would take a month long trip in the summer via RV and I LOVED those trips. The adventures we went on. We did a cavern tour in South Dakota (I think) and I want to show the underworld to my kids. I’m pretty sure my daughter will be all kinds of curious about this and I can’t wait to see what it sparks as far as interest for her and also my son.

As far as super local stuff, Bartlesville is home to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Price Tower and I’m a huge fan of the guy. I hear there’s also some fun cowboy-ish stuff and stores around that it would be fun to poke around in.

I’m looking forward to getting lost and finding quaint towns and taking photos. And it would be really fun to go to a rodeo.

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