There are subtle differences between Oklahoma and Michigan and then there are not so subtle differences.

Here’s a few I’ve picked up on, should you ever find yourself in rural Oklahoma you can expect a couple things:

# Men will always open doors for you. They’ll even wait if you’re a good 10 yards behind them.

# People drive slower and with much more courtesy.

# There are a lot of cows and rolling hills. To the same extent there are almost no highway billboards (atleast where we are for a good 50 miles in either direction).

# BBQ is a big deal, so is okra.

# In line somewhere? The elderly gentlemen nearby would like to start a conversation about how lucky they are to have Today. And my kids? Those guys are really cute.

# Everybody knows everybody if you’re over the age of 45 and they laugh, shake hands and share bourbon at the bar – although they have smart phones but absolutely no idea how to use them.

# People are apologetic for no reason at all, they really want you to feel at home in their city.

Pretty fun, a great trip for the beginning of 2011. Sets the tone for traveling the rest of the year. Chips on shoulders no longer needed, rose colored glasses are finally wiped clean, we have One, Two, Three and Four and that’s about all we’ll ever need.

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