School on the go

Preschoolers unite! While we’re traveling (and our daughter was out of school for post-op recovery) she’s missing about a month of school. So I talked to her teacher, gathered some resources and took to the internet. Turns out my son (2 1/2) is also very interested in learning.

Apparently that kind of thing happens with kids as they get older. And they’re not the firstborn. Someone remind me to wake up every morning and REparent the baby with the same fervor we parented the oldest. Gosh, this mom thing is tiring.

Kidding. Yet somehow true – because I literally have to remind myself that this kid probably wants to know what color the sky is, that tress have green, orange and sometimes yellow leaves. That dirt is brown … you get the picture.

I would like to freeze his babyhood and never move on.

Mosaic: School at home

Who wouldn’t with that face?

Here’s what I did for the little guy (as starters):

File Folder Crayon Match Up

Dino Shapes

Morning Routine

I printed, cut the appropriate pieces then had everything laminated. The only one I was thinking would be specifically for him were the Dino Shapes but as soon as my daughter started playing with the crayon match up game he started to drool. (Was more of a reading exercise for her then a color or matching game)

And then he mastered the colors in one sitting and asked for more.


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