I have a few goals …

… for this next year – not to be confused by a “list of things I want to accomplish” or an Expectation Raiser.

Actual goals:

White board: 2011 is my bitch.

# Dust off my sewing machine, grab some library books on the subject and start creating things for my home and my kids – maybe even my closet.

# Grow in readership for this website. When we all come together fun things happen for you guys. So, I’m abandoning a few notions of “don’t ask!” to actually asking for y’all to spread the word. We’re gonna have some fun this year. A great place to start is to “Like” me on facebook then if you’re someone who keeps up with blogs/articles and things to remember via a Reader of some kind subscribe to jodimichelle and stay informed. (A great big Thank You to many of you who already have!)

# To be inspired more often. Combing the internet for fun DIY’s and tutorials to link to and archive for my own use can actually be a chore some days – and I want none of that begrudging stuff. So I’m going to risk a few things and make some mistakes along the way – we’re talking working with my hands in a more tangible and less talky way. (More doing, less talking about doing, actual doing.)

# To look for that inspiration off the beaten path. For me, this means getting outside – looking through windows, antique parlors and places I’ve never been before. Taking my camera with me or a pencil and a blank piece of paper to document the inspiration.

# Paint more. I have the supplies and I even have the ideas in my head … make a day of it and paint it out.

# This is an obvious one for this year, but to travel more. Renew my passport. Maybe this won’t be the year I see Spain but if I don’t take the first step – next year, the year after that and so on won’t be the year I do it either.

# Dance more. In my house, in a club, the middle of the street. All of it. I just want to move when I’m moved to do so.

So lets just sum this up – my word for the year is Fluid, but inside of that or next to it – it’s friend is Wild Abandon. I need a little bit of Her in my life, too.

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