Boys vs. Girls

It’s been a while since I’ve embarrassed myself in this manner which means it’s obviously time and way overdue.

I’m sorry Mom. And Grandma. And any guy who reads this. Ever.

My son is 2 1/2 and very inquisitive about his world right now.

I don’t ever get alone time, even in the bathroom.

Who knows where this is going?

And sometimes that’s difficult because there are certain times of the month when I just really want to be left alone in there and not get asked these questions:

Mom, is that for your bum?

Is that your bum band-aid?

Let me see it.

What are you doing?

Where does that go?

Can I have one, too?

Thankfully he has yet to announce these findings to anyone when we’re out in public, like, HEY Stranger! My mom has these really cool rocket band-aids!!! Wanna see??

Although, in fairness, I am waiting for that day.

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