Exhausting local offerings

Or trying anyway. It’s a different kind of exhaustion when you’re two little buddies are six and under (and thats not feet).

Bartlesville has some great kid parks but there’s been snow on the ground with temps of around 30 or under. However the rest of the week is looking amazing:

Picture 1

So I’m hoping to get outside more often and not be so cooped up in the 2 indoor arenas for kids that are open in the winter here. A McDonald’s with a play-place and riding around in the van getting lost on purpose (or hanging out inside the hotel all day). We were running up and down the halls of the hotel but in trouble for all the noise.

Yesterday we finally got outside more than we were in. It was lovely.

I think I can I think I can. She did.

A little close for comfort, ladies.

Today is going to be a long day for us too and it’s the first day I’m looking at the hours ahead of me and panicking a bit as to how to fill them. Kinda wishing I had a girlfriend along to head over to her room or house so we could drink coffee together and catch up.

Chin up! We’ll figure something out.

2 thoughts on “Exhausting local offerings

  1. Yea, we found one in Tulsa last week – bartlesville just doesn’t have much for kids this time of year. We have plans tomorrow and Friday … It’s just today I can’t figure out.

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