Last day of school

Today is our last full day in Oklahoma before heading back to the tundra of Michigan. This week has been a roller coaster of amazing moments and incredible lows for myself.

On Wednesday I was ready to go home, finally, after thinking that I could be a vagabond forever and never miss a thing I left behind I found myself wanting my friends. I often keep myself isolated on purpose because I’m overwhelmed with X,Y,Z and it’s been easier for me to just keep to myself instead of try to break the ice with another human being.

Some times I torture myself for no apparent reason and I’m realizing more and more that the best way to go about loneliness is with other people. Summary: I need less hermitting in my life.

Oooooh. Moody! Angst! (so not true)

This translates into more than one area, I need to stop forcing my kids to hermit with me. The crux of the whole issue is that when you finally get me out of my shell, out of my 4 walls, out my head that I really really enjoy the spaces I can’t control, touch, or choose.

A work in progress as always.

So, as this is the last day to fully embrace our surroundings in Bartlesville, Oklahoma – we took to Woolaroc this morning … such an amazing place! So glad we made the trip.


After the kids wake up from naps I plan to find a park bench to sit on and soak in the sunshine while they get to burn their energy off and collect a soul full of giggles.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon and evening at some Friends’ house in the country here – a colleague of Aaron’s while he’s working out here – there was a horse and rides, chickens, a tree house and a hammock and a house full of people, food, wrestling and conversation.


Turns our we’re leaving with more friends than we came with and memories/experiences we’ll never forget.

Oklahoma, take me away. #Smitten

Which is awesome.

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