We’re Home!

For now we’ll call Holland home again but I really enjoyed calling someplace else home, too. For the record.

A small detail: In my last post I mentioned some “incredible lows for myself” and I wanted to clear that up because rereading it I find that detail surprising so maybe you do too. Those lows have way more to do with me figuring stuff out in my head about a few things: life. And the constant battle/readjustment of my expectations (which went very well). So. There you have it. I should have expounded on that one. Now …

Homeward Bound! Hi family :)

We left Saturday and took our merry time getting anywhere. Finally landed in Illinois for the night and we’re home in Holland, Mi again before dinner Sunday night.

I like road trips.

This is the most precious thing. Gosh, I love that kid.


And I really like watching my kids light up as we roll up the street to our “tall house” as they sing “Home Sweet Home!”

Makes me feel better about uprooting so many of their normalcy’s to know that they’re just fine and we’ll always have a home.

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