Snow days

This morning I woke up to the stomping of our youngest running around before the sun came up. Happens every morning and this morning I just wasn’t ready for it. But all of a sudden it dawned on me that this morning the rest of the town was pretty much shut down. Snowed in.


I got busy making my own chai (recipe here) and I didn’t have everything on hand so I used these substitutes:

Cardamom pods
Orange peel
Fresh ginger (a chunk)
Whole peppercorns
Ground cinnamon
Ground cloves
Yerba Matte tea
A touch more milk than required

(Didn’t have anise stars and I would highly recommend going with cinnamon sticks and not ground cinnamon – also only used about 1 TSB of honey and it was sweet enough for me.)

Soooooo good.

Then we had pancakes, eggs and sausage for breakfast.

Then we all got snow pants on and walked the 6ish blocks to our favorite coffee shop …

only way to travel is to walk

It was cold and I’m pretty sure the newspaper took photos of us walking down River Ave in the midst of traffic (sidewalks weren’t clear.) Exciting start to the day! Frozen Faces!! Newspaper photos!!

It’s been a good snow day. Kids have played with homemade play dough, changed their clothes a good 14 times and … well, He did this ….

Snow day stinker

He is not allowed to play with a scissors yet. Wanna guess why?

Yesterday I DIY’ed my heart out on this Board and Batten wall for the apartment: a how to is coming today at some point. It cost me less than $30 (I have to total it all up) and I’m still working on the placement of things to hang as well as some more DIY ideas for how to store kid’s toys and books. Sewing involved.

DIY board and batten wall for apartment. How to coming soon.

I took inspiration from Centsational Girl and 320 Sycamore.

Also, no power tools needed (ok, lie: I used a power drill but no saws were needed for this project.) Super easy friends! You can do this!

We’re staying busy over here – what about you?

3 thoughts on “Snow days

  1. I LOVE being snowed in and having a “bonus” day off from work!!! So far today I have slept in an extra hour+, snowed 12+ inches and drifts off my sidewalks and driveway, read a few chapters in my current book, made a double batch of cinnamon rolls, made an orange pumpkin cake, made cookie dough for Valentine cut-out cookies, transferred a saying to the wall in my bedroom, read more chapters, made caramel-coated walnuts, drank 2+ diet pepsi with lime, made a grocery list and a to-do list, took a few gorgeous outdoor photos of the snow and sun and now I think I will read some more! Have a few more ideas of things to bake…but have to wait for the dishwasher so I have clean bowls and stuff to start again. hehehehe

  2. Snow days are great because it feels like you have an extra day to do the things you normally don’t have time to do with the kids, like playing board games all day or playing with paints or play dough.

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