…progress on those goals

In response to this post I have some updates. Get excited.

I rescued my sewing machine from storage. Currently it sits in the trunk of our van but I’ll find it’s big sister – the Notions Box soon (hopefully?) and get to work. I have ideas.

I asked for the paperwork needed to renew passports and apply for the kids’. (This is where I’ll be jumping up and down. Up. Down. Up. Down. UP!)

Look for the inspiration? My friends I have walked through, been to and soaked in all kinds of inspiration from actual thrift stores, antique stores and road sides. Five since I posted that. 1-2-3-4-5.

Actual doing of said inspired items. (Fist pump.)

Painting date is on the horizon. Can’t wait to hang out with Katie (hi Kaite!) and paint and drink coffee. I have canvases. And my brain.

Grow in readership? I had to check in on numbers but it looks like we’re on our way. Which is entirely exciting – so thank you for making that one happen 🙂 (High five, You!)

Yay! These progress reports and actual progress TO report make this so much more fun. What have you guys set out to do lately and then followed through? I love hearing what you’re up to.

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5 thoughts on “…progress on those goals

  1. Um, I was thinking, we should blow your mind. So, if you have a chance, favorite odd snapshots of whatnot printed on a laser printer? The clerk @ Office Max was super helpful… big print for a sister’s wedding was $0.39 so nothing budget blasting. I’ll make an effort & get some too.

  2. Odd means whatever. The eggs work, I may pull out old travel photos or shots of household items. Anything that tickles your fancy, but isn’t “quite enough” to hang up on it’s own.

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