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Hey hey!

This is exciting for me because for the past, oh … 4 months?, I’ve been either in meetings, emails, conversations, decisions or phone calls surrounding this here redesign. Not 24/7 mind you. I pretend to have some kind of a life, but it’s been a while in the making.

Turns out that redesigning a website [and branding it while we’re at it] is a big deal. Hi, have we met? I’m a basket case.

I don’t know how much to tell you and when to just shut it and get to the point so we’ll go the fast route this time around but feel free to poke around and ask questions in the comments; I’ll get to each of them.

Shout outs and thanks go to:

& Kathleen for branding work and dealing with me while I figured out what it was that I really wanted. Not only am I a huge fan of her design but her blog as well. She blogged a bit about the font she created for my design here and here.

Trevor for his mad skills on design as well. He took the branding to what we see as the finished website of today. I have no idea because my brain does not work like theirs, but they are awesome. They = designers.

Then Janson, who apparently lives underneath a rock without a link to his name. Janson is the coder of this deal. So he took the design from photoshop to an active and working website with pages, links and the user experience got a major upgrade.

Here’s what the changes look like today (with a few more coming as we continue to work on things behind door #3 and figure some of the kinks out ….)

Picture 1

We have the branding: which is also the header – and that’s my hand writing in “i tell stories” – I’m pretty excited about that because it fits so well (I think) with what I do here all day long. If it wasn’t for my keyboard I’d be writing all of this on paper. So yay.

Next we have the navigation (look to your left, top of the page):

Picture 2

The main areas of this website, where most of you (hi!) spend your time and where I spend most of my energy in writing/topics/ideas/posting/publishing/talking…

The “About” section is on your right (top of page) right by my photo:

Picture 3

And if you click on over [go ahead I’ll wait] there’s some new content there as well. More concise. Wrapped up in a neat little package.

Continue on down the right sidebar and you’ll see some fun boxes:

Picture 5

These can/might/will change as time goes on. They’re just impulse navigation, stuff to highlight a.k.a. on-going (highly trafficked) topics/lists/how-to’s.

Below those fun boxes you can search for stuff (and it works!) (really well!).

Picture 6

My archives are all fixed up and actually go back to the beginning of my blogging (circa 2004, not the 2002 content) and I’m working on reformatting the actual posts of way back when so they’re readable. In time, people. In time. You can find the Archives on the left side bar any time – they live there.

And one other change:

Picture 7

All the fun sharing, liking, tweeting, commenting extra’s are the bottom of each post.

So. There’s your $2 tour. It’s a little anti-climatic to finally be live. Which I’m told means we did it right, but still. I was about to throw up and then it happened ….. but nothing happened. Oh the roller coaster.

The font was enlarged for easier reading, too.

WORD VOMIT. It’s finally here, I actually went through with it but not without the help of some amazing talent – who are all very, very good at what they do.

What do you guys think?

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