It’s been good to be home again – I missed the water pressure and my wash machine. The pantry and ability to cook and bake whenever I wanted.


I am kind of going crazy here. Maybe it’s the carrot dangling in front of me that we might actually be moving (temporarily or not, just moving) that has me feeling like my skin is crawling, I don’t know. I love our friends here and it was delicious to finally see some of them this weekend and our families are mostly here …

I keep making excuses of why I should be happy as clam to be here. They’re no longer working.

I love you all but I. Have. To. Get. Out. Of. Here. for a while.

Our time away in Oklahoma was seamless – it was great. I loved everything about it and that the 4 of us were just together.

And and and. But but but. However.



Some day.

These are words I won’t be using for a while.

It’s time.

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