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The conversation begins here and continues here … which brings us to this:

Things started moving along pretty quickly and Framing began! So. Exciting.


The entire time we were building this we were doing so with the intentions of moving in – because it would be pretty crazy to sell this house, too, right? So we weren’t planning on that – although we left that as an option and our first choice was to sell the house … but we planned to live here.

So when I picked out the colors I did so to our taste. My daughters bedroom was going to be the same color as her last bedroom that we had just revamped before we sold the house. My son’s room was going to be a greyish blue. The rest of the house was a cool color tone. Our idea was to have a de-saturated pallet with the walls so we could use our accessories as the “pop’s” of color. Plus – we really really like to move our stuff around. And hang art. And then change our minds.

I didn’t upgrade the finishes – except for the island in the kitchen to be wrapped in stainless steel. And although I did change a few things right at the last minute (a wall color, double checked the carpet choices etc … just to make sure I still liked everything) I picked out the entire house pallet in one afternoon.

I’m not a picky person, honestly. Some things I knew I wanted in this color or that so I went with it – but at the end of the day it just needed to match. Would I have preferred a different type of flooring? Yes, but it was going to cost bazonkers upgrading to change it – and I can do it for way cheaper on my own in 6 months or a year had it come to that. So I went with what they offered.

I would have preferred to do more scouring of local shops or craigslist to incorporate into our house (sinks, lights etc) but they wanted to charge me more to install them (read: custom) so I went with their options and planned to change a few things as time went on.





We decided to drywall and prime the basement but not to finish it with flooring, trim and paint so if we had moved in we would have had 3 bedrooms on the main floor, 2 full bathrooms, the living/dining room and kitchen. Closets and the garage. Also a walkout to a deck. Our laundry room was in the basement and I had plans to finish that room first since I was going to be using it the most right away.

The basement was framed for 2 more bedrooms, the laundry room, a full bathroom, rec room and a mechanical room/storage. There was under the stairs storage as well and it was a walkout onto a patio. I’d have to double check but the main floor square footage was around 1,300 I believe. I’ll recheck and post the accurate one soon.

We’ll do a complete tour of the house with the next installment of this series. Until then, what am I missing? Anything you still want/need to know about the process?

4 thoughts on “{the process} of building a house 3

  1. You’ve mentioned wanting the island wrapped in stainless steel twice now and I’m curious why you wanted that so bad! I don’t think I’ve ever seen it and I’m about to go google it!

  2. I am so glad you are showing us your house. Even though you never ended up living it I’m enjoying reading about the process.

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