house fever

We’ve been in the apartment for over six months now and like any house after this amount of time you kind of get a handle on the things you’d like to change or add.

I’m crawling out of my skin a little bit – about to just put all the clutter/the extra/the stuff on the side of the road with a FREE sign and then to invite people to the storage unit for some free shopping.

This shit has got to go. Enough. I’m done.

The papers and kid things that end up in piles and on my floor are a prime example of how I’d like to just toss everything out the window. Of course “Keeping House” is a never ending task but in this amount of space with this amount of stuff ??? IS DRIVING ME CRAZY.

I like functional. Must be functional. I can’t just have a candle sitting on a table because it’s the right color – that crap drives me insane. I’m not an accessorizer … I’m a minimalist. A functional one.

So all those extra kitchen gadgets sitting in storage that I’ve never needed and didn’t miss? GONE. Away they go. No more. I already don’t seem to have enough room for what I think I DO use often enough to have here … and it’s just … I have house fever.

Or clutter fever? I’m not looking at houses to buy – not at all. Could care less about that. Maybe it’s Stuff-itis.


2 thoughts on “house fever

  1. When we first moved into
    This house, we made a huge pile of unwanted/unnecessary/unimportant stuff in our driveway the size of a small car. Salvation Army came and hauled it all away, and we rejoiced. I’m sure there was stuff in that pile that now I would insist on keeping, but mostly we haven’t looked back. There are many days I am tempted to do it again – I could come up with a truckload easily. Ugh. Seven people live in this house and I don’t think any of us are minimalists.

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